Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The inner spark

For many years I struggled with earthly confusion and mayham before I understood why I choose to come to earth at this time and live a human experience. I always felt that there was more to life than "just this" and internally I searched and I searched for answers. I know that there are many of you out there that feel just like I used to feel, a little unsure, curious, depleted and even somewhat lost at times. I have had some very painful life experiences and some wonderful joyous ones too. Some of the most painful experiences caused me to suffer, but more importantly, also pushed me through the doors of opportunity. I choose to dig deep and spiritually connect to a force that is certainly bigger than little me. Many human years on my journey now and I have a real understanding of truth and my reason for being at this point in time. I know in my heart, mind and soul that I am here to bring the light of heaven down to earth so that suffering and confusion can cease to be. I am in a very privileged and honored position now to be working each day with beautiful souls that are choosing to grow and end their suffering. Quiet often these clients feel tattered and torn by life's experiences and events. It is my purpose and privilege to shine my light towards the light of my client so that their inner flame of pure spirit ignites and shines through. I am a holder for the light, and that comes with great responsibility. I understand that I need to be eternally dedicated, consistent, diligent and conscious of all that I think do and say. It is my passion and purpose to serve others in the best way possible. It is very important for us all to remember the truth of who we really are. We are spirit and we have chosen this earthly human experience. We live and operate with free will and sometimes we go away off our chosen course. Free will is a human privilege and without regular observation it is capable of steering us off course. We need to polish up our inner spark and coax it to become a flame so that we may understand the beauty of life. Meditation is an excellent tool for quietening the mind and offering the spirit the space to ignite and burn off the pain of everyday living. Live in the light- Therese

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