Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What matters most

What matters most? This may consciously be a burning question at certain times in our lives and it is always of paramount importance in the deeper parts of our unconscious and subconscious. In writing this article I merely wish to remind myself and all of my readers that our natural state is a state of joy, a state of love and ultimately a state of freedom from all the lower energetic states. Well-being is our natural state of being and when we reach for the feeling of well-being before anything else, everything else follows. To experience well-being we must be in a state of joy, so it is necessary to set our inner tuner to that frequency. At soul level we have an innate knowing that we are here on this glorious earth, experiencing this magnificent human experience, as extensions of source energy. We understand that we are much more than this physical body that we presently inhabit, we are really a creative extension of pure Divine loving energy. Our soul communicates with us through the power of our emotional guiding system. I always like to think of our emotions as our fuel for life. If we fill up our motor vehicle with the wrong fuel it will struggle to take us on our journey, likewise if we fill up our beautiful beings with thoughts that are not in vibrational harmony with our overall intent, we will undoubtedly feel negative emotions and struggle to get to our destination. I believe that what matters most is that we trust our inner guidance. Most of us have layers and layers of the opinions of others, teachers, parents, peers, boss etc, weighing very heavily on our own intuitive guiding system. We may even have set our own intuitive guiding system aside and are now living a life based upon the opinions and teachings of others. Our self-assertiveness and self-compassion may be so low that we are convinced of our unworthiness and are afraid to move forward with full trust in our guiding system, feeling that others know better what is appropriate for us. This is really like trying to hammer the square peg of another into our round whole, causing confusion and frustration. I would like to offer some suggestions to help us align with our own inner intuitive guidance. 1. Open your heart and allow yourself to feel the fullness of your emotions, especially all those that originate in love. As you continue to do this you will feel the richness of life coming to you in its many different forms. 2. Make a commitment to having a healthy relationship with yourself and with the source that created you. Meditation really helps us to get in touch with the highest aspects of our self and with the universal supply of love. 3. Acknowledge all of your thoughts and feelings and reach out to yourself in a self-compassionate and gentle way. 4. Monitor your emotions daily and make a commitment to reaching for those good feeling thoughts that bring you abundance of joy, love, peace and a host of higher emotions. 5. Create a bank account of self-awareness, self-compassion, assertiveness and self-love. Learn to become your own best friend by trusting in your inner guidance. 6. Learn to always speak your truth in a loving and kind fashion, filled with grace and blessings. 7. Get out into nature and experience the oneness with this great life force energy. Learn to trust in your wholeness just like nature does, nothing is forced, judged or out of place. 8. Get clear about your intentions and what you really want to have in your life and enable the universal law to get to work on your behalf. Deliberate thought will harness the power of the universe to offer you that which you intend.

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