Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Soul Speaks

In the deep dark still of the night my soul shines through like an enormous beacon of bright illuminating light. I close my eyes and a protective cloak of darkness comforts me. I breathe deeply and connect with the sheer magical intelligence of my being. In my semi-awakened state I feel the beat of my heart and the gentle rhythm of life force energy moving through me. My mind begins to wander in and out of memories and tasks to be completed, then , once again it notices the relaxed state that's falling upon me. The gentle flowing rhythm of my body greatly supported now by my inner knowing that I am one with all of life force energy. I visualise the flowers, the oceans, the lush green pastures, the trees and much more of nature's offerings. I see newborn innocent babies, children, teenagers, adults and elderly right before my closed eyelids and I contemplate the cycle of life. My breathing now becomes deeper and slower as I lay there appreciating the magic of life. Some hours later, with my mind in a deep slumber, I connect with the sheer brilliance and beauty of my wise soul. My spirit dances freely under the moonlight as it gently whispers in my ear. My heart bursts open as the magic of the all knowing, all loving universe courses through my veins. The cells of my body are stimulated and bathed by the gentle unfolding of of conscious awareness of all that is. Life becomes a peaceful breath of soft gentle movement, just like the ebb and flow of a quiet ocean. I dream of a brilliant beautiful angel arriving and placing a large, soft, warm cloak of protection around me. I become invisible to everyone and everything that is not for my greatest and highest good. Words can only try to describe the feeling of serenity that I experienced as this magnificent luminous being helped me to understand the magic of this cloak. My inner God seed connected to the information and awareness of my internal power and love flooded through all aspects of my being.A profound sense of peace and protection washed through me and I became aware of my innocent untouched self. I now know that the innocence of love shines through you always once you become aware of your essence, which is love. The eyes become the eyes of love, the spoken words becomes truth, which is another form of love. The ears open to hearing love, despite the love often being disguised and hidden behind a mask of fear. I now perceive with the eyes of love, and see love all around me, in all beings, all plants, all animals and in all of creation. A bright light shines out ahead of me and I know that it is my guiding light. I slowly walk towards the path of light and I understand that it is the path of truth, integrity, joy, love and bliss. Serenity bestows upon me and I sink into this blissful heavenly feeling, which seems to last a life-time. My eyelids flutter, my mind slowly awakens to the morning light but I know that I am still firmly walking along the path of light and truth. I am love- Therese

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